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Gleam Manufacturing... our story

In 1961 Leo Huyghebaert immigrated to Australia as a 16 year old fully qualified tradesman. You see, back then in Belgium you could leave school at the age of 12 providing you continued your studies after a full day at work. By 1974, frustrated at working for people with less experience and knowledge than him he rented half a shed, bought some machinery, and Gleam was born.

The aim then, as it is today, was to make furniture utilizing the time honoured European skills that seemed amiss here in Australia. Over the years he taught numerous apprentices his skills and techniques and in 1986 & 87 was joined by his 2 sons Daniel and Peter.

Today, over 20 years after getting involved, Dan and Pete run the company leaving Leo the time to travel around this country he now calls home - but whenever he returns, as he does 2-3 times a year, you'll find him in the factory... It's what he does, it's in his blood and for him not to express his skills and his passion would almost be criminal!

Thankfully he has passed on his passion for creating real quality furniture to both his sons, and so the skills live on...

As technology introduces computer generated planning and cutting, Gleam utilizes all of its benefits in efficiency and accuracy. Importantly though, craftsmanship has not been lost, and in this age of mass production and cheap low quality imports - quality becomes more and more valued. The future is very bright!

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